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Naive formula : p ( a b ) features a -21.5 error for elongated ellipses.
Ant Financial Services Group (formerly Alipay) 122. .
Limits in abstract topological spaces.
A keypad for independence : Cutting off the umbilical USB cord.Exact formulas and simple ones.Is it insanity live porno video streaming or just a viable alternative to univision chat kamers orthodoxy?Microphone sensitivity (mV/Pa voltage output to sound pressure input.Open End AB 1605. .A subgroup is a group contained in another group.Coptic Calendar : Reformed Egyptian calendar based on the Julian year.
Gullstrand's formula : Power of two lenses separated by a distance.
Projective spaces : Projective line, projective plane, etc.
Vertical fall against fluid resistance (valid for viscous and quadratic drag).
Music theory : Design of musical instruments and study of harmony.
Analytic functions of a linear operator. .
Gibbs Function (free energy Its sign tells the direction of spontaneity.The Arctangent Function as a component of several approximate formulas.The 32-card piquet deck lacks 2-6. .Note (2 Facebook, Inc.Decadic integers : The strange realm of 10-adic integers (composite radix).Lisa Jardine's enduring blunder hinders the depictions of two scientists.Liquid Lemur Linux 1305. .Anagrams : Rearranging letters may reveal hidden meanings ;-) Mnemonics : Remembering things and/or making fun of them.Fuctura - Escola de Software Livre 852. .The quadratrix ( trisectrix ) of Hippias squares the circle and trisects angles.obtained by subtracting a cone from a cylinder!Rocket Science Technologies 1908. .Flying Stone Technology, Inc.

Kernel Concepts GbR 1180. .
Apex of a right rhombic pyramid.